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ARISTOCUT – Cutting hair at the highest level

Aristocut combines the finest craftsmanship and exquisite materials.

Materials: We use exclusively high-quality materials such as stainless steel, cobalt steel and Japan Premium steel from the market leaders Takefu and Hitachi.

Design: Because of their perfect ergonomics, all Aristocut scissors ensure fatigue-free and relaxed working.

Innovation: Excellent features like double ball bearings, special blade grindings or 3D handle rings for creative techniques make the difference.

Emotion: Our scissors impress by their outstanding Design and ensure each day that their owners really enjoy cutting hair. Be enchanted by the special Aristocut feeling.

Our line of products

  • BASIC Aristocut: our entry-level models with a special cost effectiveness
  • INSPIRATION: our attractive middle class
  • SUPREME: our high-quality upper class